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Saturday, 3 September 2011

expango hackinggggggg

So here’s exactly what you have to do to get the latest in gadgets such as the always well-known Iphone 16GB, PS3 40GB, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, etc…This Hack will automatically give you 33 credits, enough to get you all of the above. And this is 100% right, I cannot say that it will give you 999 credits because the ones that say that they will give you 999 credits is fake. Go to this site: , click sign up on the upper right side and enter your REAL PERSONAL DETAILS (you don’t wan’t Xpango to deliver your free gadgets to someone else) and if it’s not already there, then write down 92537036 where it says referal id. They will send you the complete registration link to your e-mail so make sure it’s your own. Now here’s the tough part go to Xpango Offer Directory on the right, then click on UK, then click the first one : Lovefilm(it has a 14 day free trial and IF you cancel your account before those 14 days, they will not charge you), write down or paste your referal id down this page and click on participate. Make sure you complete the offer because some guys register but don’t complete the offer and say where’s my fu***** credits!!!!!!!! Wait 2-7 days and you will automatically have 33 credits. Make sure that you do not clear your cookies during this period because that’s what I did the first time and I was going crazy because I hadn’t got my credits. Then cancel your account on Lovefilm, wait another 7 days and your gift/gadget will be delivered 

get credits with clix

Get Credits with Xpango Clix

The Xpango Clix System now makes it quicker and easier than ever to receive Free Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, MP3 Players & HDTV's.

When you purchase a Clix Package you can select the number of Clix you would like to receive. Xpango has set-up an advertising network of a large number of websites that feature Xpango Banner Adverts.

Now here's the clever bit! These Banner Adverts link to our system to include your Referral ID number within them!

This means that when a new customer Clicks upon the Banner Advert, they are directed to the Xpango site, but with your Referral ID, meaning that when they Sign-up and activate their account, you receive a Credit !

Each Clix packages contains 250 Clix and 1 Credit is included in your purchase to get your started. This means that you will receive 250 visitors who come to the Xpango website referred by your Referral ID. If just 11 of these visitors Sign-up and make a purchase or complete an offer, you will automatically have enough Credits for a Free Apple iPod Nano!

You can monitor your progress and Clix via your Xpango Account, which will also allow you to see which websites your Clix are coming from, how many Clix you have left and which Clix have gained you your Credits.

Yes, you can easily add Clix to any new or existing Xpango order.

This means that if you already have an order and need some extra Credits, you can add a Clix Package to your existing order to gain Credits for you.

To add Clix to an order, login to your Xpango account and click 'View Orders/Credits'. You will then see a button shown next to your existing order which will allow you to add Clix.
To add Clix to an order, Login here

You can monitor your Clix by logging into your Xpango Account.

Login to your account and select 'Orders/Credits/Referral ID' to view details about your order and you will then see a button shown againt your order, titled 'Details'. Click this to see a summary of the number of Clix you have available, which websites your Clix have come from and which have gained you Credits.

Each Clix Package delivers 250 Visitors, referred by you..

When you purchase a Clix Package, you will automatically receive 1 Credit for your purchase. The number of Credits you can receive varies on the number of customers currently using the Clix System.

When your Clix Package is running, your Referral ID will receive an evenly shared amount of Clix with other customers. For example, if 100 customers are using the Clix System and our Banners receive 1000 Clix in 1 day, each customer will receive 10 Clix on their account per day. These 10 Clix are actually 10 customers being Referred to Xpango with your Referral ID each day.

Most customers receive between 10-25 Clix per day, whilst others may receive more or less on other days, due to the number of people clicking the Xpango Banners varying from day to day. Most customers find that around 1 in 35 Clix will convert to a Credit, however this number varies on daily clicks on the Xpango banners and adverts shown on our Advertising Network.

There is no obligation for you do anything once your Clix Package is activated, you can monitor your Clix and Credits from your Xpango Account and once you have received enough Credits for your selected Free Gift, you will then qualify to receive it!

Don't forget that as Clix conversion rates (Clix converting into Credits for you) will vary, you can also gain extra Credits by Referring Friends or Participating in Xpango Offers.

get credit by copleting offers

Mutliple Credits can easily be gained by participating in Xpango Offers available within the Xpango Offer Directory.

Xpango have created a Directory full of offers that you can participate in to gain Credits with.

Offers are split into categories, with something to suit everybody. Examples of offers include signing up for a Free DVD Rental Trial with Blockbuster, or Applying for an American Express Card, or playing some Poker with Party Poker.

Each offer is worth a certain amount of Credits and when you sign-up and participate in an offer, you are then rewarded with Credits towards your Free Gift..

To participate in an Offer, simply visit the Directory and choose offers that you are interested in. You will then be able to view instructions detailing how to complete the offer in order to receive your Credits.

You will see a box listed below the instructions with an Area to input your Referral ID. You will need to enter your Referral ID within the allocated box to ensure that our system tracks your participation and adds Credits to your account when completed.

Credits are normally added to your account within 7 days of completing an offer.

To view the offers you have participated in and gained Credits for, Login to your account and click 'Orders/Credits/Referral ID' from the menu located on the right hand side of the admin area.

You will then see a list of your orders. If you click the 'Details' button shown next to your order, you will see a heading for Xpango Offers which will show how many Credits you have earned from offers so far. If you click the 'More Info' button, you can then view a list of the offers you have completed.

Customers may only participate in each offer once. Also, each offer is normally limited to 1 offer per household. For example if you were to sign-up for a Blockbuster DVD Trial, if a family member residing at the same residence was also a member of Xpango, only 1 of you could complete this offer. There are however no limits on the number of offers you can complete. You can also earn a Credit for each friend you refer who completes an offer! 

Credits are normally added to your account within 7 days, however this can occassionally take slightly longer, depending on the offer and the time in which the 3rd Party takes to approve your participation. If you have not received your Credits after 14 days, please contact customer supportdetailing the offer you participated in and the date you completed the offer.

Whilst Credits are normally added to your account within 7 days, from time to time an offer you participate in may not track correctly, meaning your Credits will not initially be added and a member of the Xpango Support Team will need to investigate this.

Xpango have created a Tracking Checklist of steps we recommend taking before participating in an offers. To view the Tracking Checklist, click here

Free Trial offers often require a Credit Card to verify your identity and will never charge you for a trial offer. The Credit Card details are entered to allow the advertiser to bill you if you decide to continue with a service beyond the Free Trial period.

Free Trial offers allow you to cancel a trial once you have tried the service, without your card being billed and without any obligation to continue with a service beyond the trial period.

No. Xpango deal directly with our Advertising Partners and it is far quicker for us to act on your behalf to resolve any missing Credits for you.

If you are missing Credits, please contact customer support

get credit by reffering friends

Making Referrals is easy! When a friend you refer registers at Xpango, they simply need to enter your Referral ID on the Xpango registration form and activate their account. You will receive 1 Credit for each friend you refer who activates their Xpango account.
Your friend can activate their account by;
Completing a Free Offer (such as Blockbuster, NetFlix or UseNext) from the Xpango Offer Directory
Purchasing an Xpango Clix Package.
To send your friends personalised Xpango emails, that include your Referral ID Link, click here

Once you have registered with Xpango and placed an Order for your Gift you can view your Referral ID next to your order/s within your Xpango account..

To view your Referral ID Login to your Xpango account and click 'Orders/Credits/Referral ID' from the menu located on the right hand side of the screen. You will then see a list of your orders with your Referral ID stated on the left hand side of the list.

When you Refer a friend, they will appear within your account in the 'Referrals' section of your order.
'Active Referrals' indicate that the friend you have referred has activated their account. You earn1 Credit for each activated account.
'Un-active Referrals' indicates that the friend has registered but not yet activated their account.
An account can be activated by either completing a Free Offer, or purchasing an Xpango Clix Package. Once activated, you will then also receive a Credit for each activation.

To view Friends who you have Referred (people who have quoted your Referral ID when placing an order), simply Login to your Xpango account and click 'View Orders/Credits'. You will then see a list of the Orders you have at present.

To view the friends you have Referred, click on the 'Details' Button located on the right of the list of orders. You will then be able to see a list of the friends you have Referred and those that have gained you Credits.

A friend you refer must activate their account by completing a free offer (such as Blockbuster, Netflix or UseNext) or from purchasing a Clix Package.Only once the friend has correctly activated their account, will your Credits be added. Credits will normally appear within 24-72 hours after your friend has completed an Offer or purchased a Clix Package.

how it worksssssssssss

Xpango uses a unique Credit system to reward our customers with Free Mobile PhonesGaming ConsolesMP3 Players & HDTVs !

Each Gadget is received for Free in exchange for Credits which can be received from Xpango.

When you register with Xpango and select your Free Gift, you will receive a 'Referral ID' which is used to gain Credits.
Credits can easily be gained by either (or a combination of) participating in Xpango OffersReferring Friends, or by purchasing a Clix Package .

Credit requirements for Gifts vary depending on the retail price of the Mobile Phone/Gaming Console/MP3 Player/HDTV. More expensive Gifts require more Credits than less expensive Gifts. The diagram below details how the system works:

Roll over the  symbols to read more information about each step.

become an xpango affiliate and increase your income!

Xpango already rewards its members with FREE gaming consoles and mobile phone accessories and now you can earn fantastic rewards by joining the Xpango affiliate program!
The affiliate program is run on the top network Commission Junction. As a valued affiliate, you can earn £0.40/$0.60 per new registrant and £7/$10.70 commission on all qualified leads!
Xpango has employed the services of Azam Marketing to provide 365 days a year dedicated support for affiliates. The highly-acclaimed agency has been at the forefront of affiliate marketing since 1997.

Here are some more reasons why you should become an Xpango affiliate:
  • Impressive highly converting website which is regularly updated with the latest Gaming Consoles, Mobile Phones, MP3 Players & HDTVs
  • A 120 day cookie period!
  • Free worldwide delivery.
  • No limits – members can receive unlimited gifts.
  • Outstanding member support.
  • Lots of new creative for affiliates, including eye-catching flash banners, static banners and text links.
  • Regular competitions where affiliates can win exciting prizes such as a brand new gaming console or mobile/cell phone!
Our members love Xpango so much, we even have a fan page on and you can view member video testimonials here.
There is also a regularly-updated Xpango Affiliate Resources Page at Azam Marketing’s site which you will find useful.

To find out more about the Xpango affiliate program and sign up to become an affiliate, login to the CJ account manager click here.
We look forward to working with you!

Free Nokia N97 from Xpango!

Nokia have recently released their new flagship N- Series Model - The New Nokia N97.

The Nokia N97 is a striking handset and something completely new to the N-Series range, particularly in its design and feature set - here's what Nokia have to say about it;

"From the desktop to the laptop and now to your pocket, the Nokia N97 is the most powerful, multi-sensory mobile computer in existence"

Quite a statement, but then there is no doubt that the N97 is feature packed, here's a quick list of key features;

- Full Slide out QUERTY keyboard and full touch screen.
- 5mp Camera with LED Flash
- 32GB Internal memory (expands up to 48GB)
- GPS & Nokia Maps
- Wi-fi
- Media/MP3 Player
- Digital Compass

As you can see, this handset is loaded with features and with up to 48GB of space you won't be running out of storage any time soon!

We particuarly like the choice of touch screen or slide out qwerty keyboard which allows to you choose which method you prefer. You do get the feeling that the N97 really is like having a pocket computer, which will appeal to many Nokia fans.

This handset is also at the top end in terms of pricing too and is currently being offered for 43 Credits at Xpango, which is a lot, but you certainly are getting more than just a phone with the N97.

And finally....

  • New International Offer Added - Earn 2 Credits when you play at Rummy Royal-click here
  • Follow Xpango on Twitter for extra news, tips and offer announcements -